"Yo, yo, yo, 1, 4, 8, 3-to-the-3-to-the-6-to-the-9. Representin’ the ABQ. What up, biatch? Leave it at the tone!"

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Bryan Cranston’s favourite erotic fan letter [x]

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10 gifs of every season of Grey’s Anatomy: Season 1

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"I have spent my whole life scared, frightened of things that could happen, might happen, might not happen, 50-years I spent like that. Finding myself awake at three in the morning. But you know what? Ever since my diagnosis, I sleep just fine." -Walter White

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The Lion King 20th Anniversary
June 15th, 1994

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Yes, I see your point. Your imbecility being what it is, I should have known to say “Jesse, don’t leave the keys in the ignition the entire two days!”

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